Wow, theres a zhu zhu pets move – quest for zhu. Theres zhu zhu dogs, princesses, ninjas and whole host of other great new toys in the line. When we started this site there were just a couple of little hamsters and now theres most products than I even know where to begin! This site still has links to the best products and prices so give it a go and have a look at all the new friends in the zhuniverse. Will they be this years christmas hit? Its hard to tell at this point but there is so much to chose from I reckon there it will be. Have any of you guys tried the zhu zhu pets DS game? If you have, let us know what you think of it in the comments and let us know your favourite zhu zhu pet out of all of them! I’d love to see an ongoing web cartoon or zhu zhu pets cartoon series that would be pretty cool.

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