Zhu Zhu pets are having a great year and are on their way to becoming the Christmas sensation of 2010. We at get zhu zhu pets were here last year when they were launched and we’ve seen these little hamster toys grab your attention and becoming the biggest selling hit of last year. During 2010 we have seen the launch of Kung Zhu, zhu zhu pets, other zhu zhu animals, I think their is a skunk and some little babies.

We have seen the release of a Nintendo DS game, an iPhone game a new zhu zhu pets official website and even more great products, toys and friends which are launching in 2010 and 2011, there is even a rumour of a zhu zhu pet anime on its way in 2011. So grab your new toys, friends and games an join us for another great year of zhu zhu zooming around and having lots of fun, we will continue to have zhu zhu pets in stock for you to buy so always check this website to see what you can get and join Mr Squiggles and all his MANY new friends for a great 2010.

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